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We provide IEEE 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet service to areas of the University where official service is poor or nonexistent. To request service in your area, e-mail the administrator. We currently have access points in the following locations:

  • Bern Dibner Library Building, basement (LC026)
  • Bern Dibner Library Building, first floor (LC115)
  • Bern Dibner Library Building, third floor (library)
  • Bern Dibner Library Building, fourth floor (library)
  • Rogers Hall, basement (BEST Center)
  • Rogers Hall, third flood (RH327)
  • Jacobs Building, second floor (JB225)
  • Jacobs Academic Building, first floor (entrance)

Our wireless network has the SSID acm and uses the same WEP key as the University's official wireless network, as found on My Poly. After connecting to an access point and setting the correct WEP key, you should configure your wireless network interface to acquire an IP address via DHCP.

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